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Heaven forbid I tell any of my Republican relatives I’m studying climate science. I need to create a snappy West Wing-style monologue in response to their mockery.

Oh Earth, I am so sorry you became a political litmus test.


In Green Company | Aurora (by Max J R)


Newton’s third law says that forces come in equal and opposite pairs. This means that when air exerts lift on an airplane, the airplane also exerts a downward force on the air. This is clear in the image above, which shows a an A380 prototype launched through a wall of smoke. When the model passes, air is pushed downward. The finite size of the wings also generates dramatic wingtip vortices. The high pressure air on the underside of the wings tries to slip around the wingtip to the upper surface, where the local pressure is low. This generates the spiraling vortices, which can be a significant hazard to other nearby aircraft. They are also detrimental to the airplane’s lift because they reduce the downwash of air. Most commercial aircraft today mitigate these effects using winglets which weaken the vortices’ effects. (Image credit: Nat. Geo./BBC2)

When people ask me why Texans drive so much, or why we don’t do day trips out of state:


Beaumont is closer to Tampa than El Paso.

Brownsville is closer to Mexico City than DFW.

Texarkana is closer to Atlanta than El Paso.

Corpus is closer to Cuba than Denver.

Austin is closer to New Orleans than El Paso.

Downtown Fort Worth to downtown Dallas is longer than the Gaza Strip is long, longer than the English Channel.

Dallas to Houston is nearly the same distance as Paris to London.

            I don’t understand why when we destroy something created by man we call it vandalism, but when we destroy something created by nature we call it progress."
- Ed Begley. Actor, environmentalist.
Here's Why This Year's Cold Winter Doesn't "Disprove" Climate Change ⇀
It’s so easy to only consider your local conditions and fail to look at the global big picture. Always look at the big picture. This is a good article.


This is how a close-up of lightning beneath a cumulonimbus cloud looks like from space. An astronaut on International Space Station (ISS) captured this image while orbiting over Bolivia in 2011.

There’s also a more recent image of lightning’s white flash amidst the yellow city lights of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia from 2013:

Hopefully, we are going to see more and more of these amazing images since there is a new instrument on ISS, called the Firestation,  which is specifically designed to study lightning.

Ohhh maybe the Firestation will capture sprites and jets!

            Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Best early birthday gift ever? Aww man, I haven’t tasted this cereal in like, a decade.

I sent off the application and literally three hours later they offered me the internship. They must have been desperate.

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